Genève Baroque extends its horizons and becomes Lux Tempore


Genève Baroque is a professional vocal and instrumental ensemble dedicated to the baroque, pre-classical and classical periods.

Geneva, an international metropolitan city teeming with culture, is also a remarkable place for musical exchanges. It’s the birthplace not only to excellent instrumentalists, but also to equally good singers, where the Centre of Ancient Music promotes a growing awareness of the need to apply a historical approach to musical interpretation. In this context it was vital to create a vocal and instrumental ensemble, specializing in baroque and classical music.

We founded Genève Baroque for this reason.

Not only do we seek to disseminate music from the early seventeenth to early nineteenth centuries, by playing instruments from those times and by adopting a historical approach, but we also aim to bring to light hidden or less well known musical treasures. We live in an era where the work of musicologists is helping to continuously enrich the catalogue of last-century composers and works.

Genève Baroque’s mission is to dust off rarely played musical scores found in libraries from Europe and the Americas, to retrieve unknown works and introduce them to the public from the Lake Leman basin and beyond.

Julián Villarraga [conductor]